Tao –A "Way" of life

It is universal awakening of the natural order of Nature. 
Founded in the city of Asuncion, Paraguay in April 2015.
Projec'Tao Japan S.R.L is a company which offers the solutions through design, consulting, trading and sales. We practice the principles of "Tao" through our business.



We improve the efficiency in business and education.



We create the pleasant environment in the field of sound and lighting.



We offer the products to enhance your health and wellness.

Win Win Win

We practice a triple win philosophy benefiting customers, business, and the society.

Featured Products



The Torayvino water purifier removes unnecessary components from tap water, providing everyone in the world with safe and delicious water.


Plus Copyboard

The data written on the whiteboard can be saved as a digital format or can be directly printed out with a optional printer. The data can also be shared through WiFi and LAN.


Miyo Film

Miyo film is a thin liquid crystal film which can electronically control the film concentration, and be adhered directly to a glass. It can be used as a screen for a projector as well as to protect privacy like a curtain, or prevent strong sunlight.


We proudly work for the following brands as a representative.